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About CS:GO

If you are looking for a first-person shooting video game, CSGO can be a great idea.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fourth of the Counter-Strike game series. The Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve developed this multiplayer game. You can play it with your friends and siblings. In this game, we can choose between two teams. You can be on the counter-terrorist or terrorist team. To complete and win the game, you need to achieve the objectives. The game will ask you to secure a perfect spot to defuse or plant a bomb. There are also hostages, it is either you guard or rescue them. 

In this game, they will reward you for your performance. The game has its own currency, and you can spend it on utilities or weapons. The more you win, the higher the rewards you can have. 

The best part of the game is you can choose to be a host and customize the game modes and maps. There is also a matchmaking support system in-game that allows you to interact with the community members.


How to Earn Money While Playing CSGO

We get it. You love playing CSGO and not even a zombie apocalypse can stop you from playing this game. But what if we tell that you can turn your passion for gaming into a vital source of income. Yes, you heard us right. By participating in this multiplayer first-person shooter video game, you will be able to collect BUFF points and redeem them whenever you want. BUFF is allowing you to do what you have always wanted to do and that is play CSGO for money. Go Download BUFF app now and start earning! 100s of downloads every month and counting!



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Buff Supports:


CS like another game is objective-based. As a multiplayer first-person shooting game, you need to complete the missions and objectives of the game. The primary aim is to kill the enemies. However, since this is a team play, they will penalize you if you kill your teammates or make uncooperative actions. In this game, you will have the opportunity to buy weapons. You can use guns and utilities. It includes submachine guns, rifles, pistols, heavy, and grenades. All of this has properties and produces extraordinary game effects.  In the game, you will experience weapon imprecision. It is a regretting moment, especially if you are performing triple kills. The idea in this game is the faster your movements, the more inaccurate you can be on target. It is a must if you master balancing skills. If you attain this, it will be easy for you to hit accurately and support your team. This game is about honing your reflexes. You also need to be aware of the map and locate the enemies accurately. Because it is a team-based game, all of your members should have the same goal. Working together is a top priority.

Your movement is the primary component of Counter-Strike. Knowing how the actions work and how to apply it in the game is essential. It is like gaining spatial awareness during the game. But, technically, it isn’t easy to accomplish. That is the reason why CS:GO is engaging. You try to master all of the movements that you can use to shoot your enemies and save the hostages. In CS:GO, you can interact with the other players like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by using the server. It is an exciting game to play with your friends and siblings. You compete and try to showcase your skills. In the communication bar, you can command your teammates on what you need to do. You can also try these games dota-2, D.va it would be a perfect way to kill boredom and enjoy your vacation.

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Buff was created with a simple concept: loyalty programs for gamers to help you improve. Earn points as you play and exchange them for in-game items. Our unique app runs in the background making sure you do your best, play. Buff will keep accumulating your points for you until you are ready to redeem them. Not enough points? No sweat, just keep playing.


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