We are thrilled to share our first live version- this is BUFF MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
Currently the App support two of the leading eSport games- League of Legends, Dota2 and Fortnie, more games will follow up shortly.Fortnite logo

dota2 buff_mvp

league of legends buff_mvp

Keep in mind this is the still under development, we would be happy to get any feedback and insights.

As we continue to develop our app, we will let more and more users join it, so we apologize in advance that we are not able to accept all the users yet, but stay tuned and join our Discord community and you might get an early bird access as well.

Here are the setup insurrections:

Its free and secure

  1. Download BUFF App
  2. Install the BUFF application
  3. Open and Register in BUFF app
  4. You will get an email with setup details, make sure to validate your email address and you will have all the details you need to complete your registration.
That’s it! you are ready to BUFF, go ahead and play one of our supported games, and BUFF will do all the rest. This is only a pilot MVP so you will earn only test coins, once BUFF will finish its testing and we launch the live version, you will start earning for REAL. Stay Tuned.
  • Keep in mind, at the moment we support only Windows based computers.

Feel free to contact us, via our Telegram or Discord channels.

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